SHu Readme/about


SHu99 (c)1999 smInc Filmation
version 99.07a (not released)

SHu99 is the current project name, HU-Go is what it is ported from.
I would have origionally used Hu99 as the name, but Hu99 is a front
end for Hu6280 emulator, by smInc Filmation.
Right know, SHu99 is programmed 100% in VBDOS 1.0.

SHu99 is a PCE ENGINE/Turbo Grafx emulator/debugger for

SHELDOW'S 97.11 (emulator?) or higher
pentium 233, Pentium ][, pentium ]|[, AMD K6-2 300, AMD K6-3, AMD K7 (athlon)
or higher (you decide)
MSDOS v5.0 or windows 9x or SHELDOW'S

The ability to do nothing at the moment.
It has no graphics/sound/cd-rom support yet, only cpu core and bugs
It works as a good debugger
xms/vmm support
risc style execution processor for operands/opcodes

-[Future Features]
graphics/sound/cd-rom support
bug fixes
run-time in djgpp
masm/asm/tasm/spasm/orgasm core
enhanced vbdos version
basm286 version
visual basic for windows version

-[Known bugs or possible]
I will know as soon as I get the graphics working.
I can't tell if it's working properly when the screen is blank , but
the cpu is executing.(basically its a fancy debugger)

To contact smInc Filmation....

other sites:
Url : (shortcut) (shortcut) (main url) (alternative) (alternative) (alternative) (alternative)

Note:smInc Filmation has a lot of urls(all currently working
You can contact smInc Filmation for our various products.
ex: SHELDOW'S 99.08 when it comes out (DUE 08/1/1999)
SHELDOW'S Products ,utilitys, and screen savers, ect

Note: since this program requires SHELDOW'S 97.11 to run, it is recommended
to download the latest version of SHELDOW'S or an SHELDOW'S emulator!
(if you download SHELDOWS, you don't have to mess with , a wount have
troubles that the SHELDOW'S emulator will make)

SHELDOW'S emulator, emulate some features of SHELDOW'S, but not all.
it only supports selected products of SHELDOW'S(like Hu99)
it doesn't support multi user, multi config
it currently only supports screen savers and various utilitys
(because some programs require a special enviroment to run in with
sprecial features and librarys ect)

SHELDOW'S standard version can only be downloaded.
The professional version may be purchased by contacting smInc Filmation(E-mail)
With the Professional version, you can make your own SHELDOW'S programs
(see SHELDOW'S homepage for details)

SHu99 99.07++ will be avalable soon to download
Its another PCE engine emulator and debugger for SHELDOW'S
Its a port of Hu-GO!, even though it has been totally rebuild
(new cpu core, risc style processor execution, optimized,
c++ to basic conversion, ect)

The Hu6280 emulator is the best so far!!! (runs almost every PCE out there!)

(sound)(no sound)
program speed rating compatability graphics sound cd
Magic Engine (pce.exe) #1 #1 95% #1 #1 #1
Hu6280 (hu6280.exe) DOS #2 #3 99.999% #2 #2 --
Hu6280 (huwin.exe) win95 #4 #4 99.999% #1 #3 --
Hu-GO! #3 #2 70% #3 #3 --
SHu99 -- -- 54% -- -- --

note:Hu-Go! & SHu99 are brand new emulators so they still have their bugs.
Hu-Go! was formely known as FPCE

-Ideas for improvments to this document as SHu99
-CRC detection routines
-unZIP routines