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The best experience:
Imagine running your favorite Video games on a the origional consal hyped out to the max.
We all know, that our favorite Video Game consals ar slow-well to PC standards.
Today, we can get around this problem in a different fashion. Instead of hyping up your old favorite
consal system, why not run your favorite Video Game via a emulator. Or even better, why not run that game under a hyped up emulator and/or under a hyped up computer.. It doesn't matter how emulation is done, if done the right way, the results will be fantastic, far further than the emadination can precieve.


The best use of emulation:
Do you remember when the Expansion pack came out for N64. The bloody thing was sold out everywhere.
The main aim of the Expanshion pack was to enhance the N64 grafix. Sure the Expansion pack for the N64 worked great, yah 1 year later, because at the time, there was only two games that supported it.

Well, since UltraHLE came out, who needs a Expansion pack to improve the grafx, just increase the screen resolution ,
the bit depth, and maybee the video card.

Another example of using emulation:
You all know that PlayStation two is comming out because the Origional Play Station is just too damm slow.
It only runs at 33Mhz 32Bit while the N64 runs at about 100Mhz 64Bit. Wow, that is about 6 times slower than the
N64. And you are also aware that all new games are becomming more and more 3d intense, well, the N64 does real
time 3D vector graphics rendering, while the Sony Playstation only has a 2d card and relys on calculations done by its CPU to make 3d like images. This sinificantly slows down the system, expecially in 3d games, while the N64 system
doesn't have a struggle with 3d and is still 6 times more powerfull than the Sony Playstation. Now you know why playstation two is needed so badily by games.

Instead of getting a playstation two, Why not get bleem for the PC, and when you need a speed increase, get a faster PC.

Another example of using emulation:
Do you know why Deam Cast came out? Well It was put out to be releqased befout the Pleay Station two, and gobble up the market that required 266MHz 128bit processing. This system still does not have a real time 3d graphics engine that the N64 has, but it will do.

Wow, within months of release there is a Dream Case emulator, who would of imagined that a such complex system
of power could of been emulated.

Improvements in emulation:
If you look at the trend that is hapening in emulation latley, you would notice that emulation is getting better.
This is due to the evolution of the internet.As the internet evolves the hackers, programmers, and games developers are more and more united in a circle around the world, awaiting new systems to come out to challenge there allmighty power.
As the internet gets bigger, so does the number of people in this circle, and more and more clasified information finds its
way to surfacing to the top. But first, people will have to digg realy deep and pry at this information, in order to get it to budge.

In 1997, magic engine was released, it emulated the Turbo Grafx/PC Engine that came out in 1989-1992
In 1995, a perfect NES emulator came out (NES came out in 1988, it was introduced in 1986)
In 1996, a perfect SNES emulator came out (SNES came out in 1991)
In 1999, a perfect N64 emulator came out (N64 came out in 1995)
In 1999, a perfect Dream cast emulator came out (Dream cast came out in 1999)

As you can see, more and more as emulation evolves and video game consoles evolve(As complecated they are),
programmers are starting to pump out emulators more and more closer to the release date of that system.