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SHu Files/download

Files to Download

shu download Index of: shu/download
SHU99SRC.ZIP ver 99.07a source version 1.0
SHU99SRC21ZIP ver 99.07a source version 2.1
SHU99SRC227.ZIP ver 99.07a source version 2.27
SHU99SRC2328.ZIP ver 99.07a source version 2.328 (latest download)
SHu9907a.ZIP SHu ver 99.07a (latest download)
SHu9907a-211_11.ZIP SHu debugger ver 99.07a-2.1_1.1
SHu9907a-229_11.ZIP SHu debugger ver 99.07a-2.29_1.1
SHu9907a-232_171.ZIP SHu debugger ver 99.07a-2.32_1.71
SHu9907a-2328_172.ZIP SHu debugger/emu ver 99.07a-2.328_1.72 (latest download)
SHu99.txt SHu99 readme file
Hu99.txt  Hu99 readme file
README_S.TXT  SHu99 sources readme file
README_D.TXT SHu99 debugger readme file
semu.txt  sheldow's emulator readme file
pce docs Index of: shu/download/pcedocs
pcedocs/index.html pce docs (about 26)
pce/tg16 prices Index of: shu/download/pce_prices
pce_prices/TPRICES.DOC Turbo Grafx PRICELISTS form DONSAL,inc (DOC format)
pce_prices/TPRICES.HTML  Turbo Grafx PRICELISTS form DONSAL,inc (HTML format)
pce_prices/TPRICES.TXT Turbo Grafx PRICELISTS form DONSAL,inc (TXT format)
programming Index of: shu/download/programming
programming/BASM.ZIP Basic to asm converter(286)
programming/BASM286.ZIP Basic to asm converter(286)
programming/ASM.ZIP ASM Macro compilor
programming/LINKV.ZIP object linker
programming/LINKF.ZIP object linker

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