7/20/99 -SHu project is officially started with SHu99 version 99.07a    
11/1/99 -SHu gets a new website at emuunlim, WOW!
11/7/99 -SHu website is now up, thanx to smInc Filmation for website design
11/10/99 -SHu sources ver 1 is uploaded onto server for download
11/13/99 -EmuUnlim declared SHu officially open
11/15/99 -SHu99 sources ver 2 will be released soon
  sources include graphics support, ints, ect.

11/15/99 -SHu coded in DJGPP is soon to be release (debugger only ver 1)
11/21/99 -Shu sources 2.1 is posted to download
11/28/99 -SHu99 debugger ver 99.07a-2.1_1.1 ready to download (vbdos vmm,xms)
-SHu99 sources 2.9 will be out soon (featuring risc core ver 2.0)
-SHu99 debugger ver 99.07a-2.9 to be out soon   
12/5/99 -SHu99 is now being coded in MASM
12/9/99   -SHu99 debugger ver 99.07a-2.29_1.1 READY TO DOWNLOAD
-SHu99 sources ver 99.07a-2.27 READY TO DOWNLOAD
7% coded in MASM
             -comes with 4 memory drivers: VMM, XVMM, XVMX, XVMX2
             -XVMX and XVMX2 vmm drivers are coded in 100% MASM to speed shu up
             -see readme file: README_D  README_S
12/16/99 -General update to website, to make it easier for people + frames/ no frames support
12/19/99 -Christmas time is here, and now since I'm off from UNIVERSITY, I can start programming
SHu in 100% puse MASM (for DOS real mode, and DOS32). First, I have to get over
  this wicked Hang-over from the big party from last night.

-finally got a hold of DonSal inc. which sells TurboGrafx software/hardware in Canada

  • To view the Turbo Grafx Price list in DOC form, click this
  • To view the Turbo Grafx Price list in HTML form, click this
  • To view the Turbo Grafx Price list in TXT form, click this
12/23/99 -SHu sources 99.07a-2.31 and debugger 99.07a-2.31_1.7 ready to be released
                    -see readme file: README_D  README_S
12/15/99 -SHu debugger 99.07a-2.32_1.71 released FULL DEBUGGER COMMANDS
20% faster than previous version
SHu sources 99.07a-2.32 soon to be released
              -see readme file: README_D  README_S
             -to download, see download page 
12/28/99 -The SHu team is now signing up people to join the SHu team (see Help Needed)
-The SHu Team is now designing a new WEB-SITE! and a new LOOK for this web-site!
-The SHu Team is still looking for help with the SHu emulator
-SHu will soon feature a new cores: RISC2, CISC2. Both will be in VB and MASM.
-SHu will soon be ported to DOS32 (MASM) for added speed.
1/1/2k -Well, I guess my computer passed the y2k test, and If you see this, I guess your computer passed too
-SHu update soon with video support!!
-SHu sources 99.07a-2.328 & debugger/emu 99.07a-2.328_1.72 ready to be released
1/3/2K -SHu debugger/emu release ver 99.07a-2.328_1.72
                 -video is almost fully emulated
                 -faster & smaller
                 -better debug console
                 -see readme files: README_S README_D (for more info)
-SHu sources release ver 99.07a-2.328
-The Zeograd (Made Hu-Go!) may help the SHu team to get the emu video & irqs 100% working.
-In the future, when the RISC2 & CISC2 MASM cpu core is finished, it may be used in Hu-Go! as an
alternative cpu core.
-The SHu team is still looking for others to join the team, see section "Help Needed"
1/13/2k -Hitmankb! has joined the SHu Team, he will be making aGui for win98 under Visual Basic
                   -either a frontend or a vb port
-A new release of shu emu/debugger is due soon!
-smInc Filmation forms a new computer company called EleXtroByte computers Inc.
                  -see EleXtroByte.Homestead.com for more details.
 -smInc Filmation is now going to be its own ISP, and host webpages and sell internet access.
                   -see http://www.homestead.com/smInc for more details
1/22/2k -Tried the free dial up access from EXcite, and it works great!!
-General site face-lift!
-Only 4 people have volunteered to help, need more!
2/17/2k -Yes, the SHu project is still alive, but we are looking for more people to help!
-Until we get more help, the SHu project will be suspended. until the summer.
-I will still work on SHu, and I will let you know when there is a break-through!
2/21/2k -The SHu team is now going to release a NEW website within a months of time.
-This new website will feature the best in emulation, docs for various consols,
 emulators for all consoles, and support for the Video Gamers/Programmers.
  If you have any concerns or suggestions about the new website, please E-mail SharkTooth at E-mail: pce4shu@emuunlim.com .
-The SHu website is now mirrored at these locations: Shu99.homestead.com
 & members.xoom.com/sheldowsos/mymirrors/shu/
 Soon there will be more mirror sites located: sheldows.virtualave.net & sheldows.wenjump.com
 & shu99.da.ru
2/27/2k -shu99.da.ru now links to this website!
-The mirrors: shu99.homestead.com & members.xoom.com/sheldowsos/mymirrors/shu/ now work!
-smInc Filmation is now opening/starting another computer company! smInc.homestead.com
-No new updates for the SHu emulator, but the SHELDOW'S OS Project for the 68Hcl11 is now officially
 started! sheldowsos.homestead.com
-The new site to be opened in a few weeks is called "Water Cooled", it tells you how to get the best out of console emulation, and info about   up-comming video game consoles and emulators. This website will also be perfect for programmes, as it provides gamers & programmers with all vital info to get the most out of the systems.
The site will be hosted under the shu site at shu.emuunlim.com/watercooled/
3/2/2k -Fixed above links and updated mirror sites!
3/3/2k -Starting to work on RISC2 core for the new SHu emulator & debugger ver 2.4(sources) 1.72(debugger)
                             -made cpu defs ini core file.
                             -making compiler to compile ini core file to asm & vb.
                             -when RISC2 core is finished, it will replace RISC core in SHu, but IO routines will still
                               be the same.
-Starting to draw up some ideas on how to make an HLE emulator. (converts PCE to ASM them
  compiles to EXE, IO routines such as video are a seprate task,ect)
3/6/2k -The HuC6280 INF file is almost finished. This INF file is vital to the production of the new RISC2 core.
 Since this INF file contains all the specs about this cpu, it will make it possible to enhance the cpu, make
 programming languages for the cpu, debuggers, decompilers, compilers, better emulators, HLE
 emulators, ect.
 The next step the SHu Team has to worry about, is to make the INF compiler to auto-generate the new RISC2 core in VB& MASM.
 Later the compiler can be used with an INF file to make cpu cores for other cpus to help emulators.
 example: programming the INF file to match the SNES cpu spec, when compiled, it will yield a SNES
RISC2 cpu core entirely in MASM. FASTER & SMALL THAN BEFOUR!!!
3/25/2k -The INF file for the HuC6280 cpu is near completion!
 Need to optimize file a little bit more to enable ultra fast cpu core.
 The INF compiler has been started.
 If work with new core progresses, SHu will soon be coded in MASM for DOS32!
 Soon the SHu emulator will include an MECM core, allowing custom GUIs and handling for the
 The SHu team will try to get this new core working, befour fixing the SHu emulator -for the old core has
 an bug that henders irqs io and proper cpu execution. So next update will be with new core!
 There will be four versions of the new cpu code:
  • RISC2 core (MASM)
  • RISC2 core (VB)
  • Ultra SISC2 core (MASM)
  • Ultra SISC2 core (VB)

   Benefits of new core:

  • ability to modify INF to optimize core
  • ability to add new features to cpu (ex CD support)
  • ultra fast & ultra small
  • 100% error free!
  • better than old VB RISC:core
4/2/2k -updated news archive, compressed above news & basic web-site changes
-still working on RISC2 core and super CISC core!
4/9/2k -the first risc2 core will be coded in vb for now, later with MASM ports.
-I need to build risc2 core without compiler, so I know how compiler will work.
-expect an new release soon!
4/17/2k -the RISC2 core is near completion!
                  -the compiler compiles most of the INF file
                  -the INF file is almost done.(just fixing bugs)
-I will post a debugger based on this core in a week of time!
                  -this core will be slow as it isn't optimized & uses string-not numbers(string processing is slow)
 -If all goes well(the debugger works), I will modify the compiler to work better to generate a faster core!
 -The next project after this will be to make a C compiler and ASM compiler called: SHUCC & SHUASM!
4/23/2k -the RISC2 core has been made -NOW only implementing basic functions (add/,nc,dec,ect)
-the core uses string constants & soon will use number constants
-the core will be added to the emu/debugger latest next week!!
-the following is an example of the RISC2 core!
        -it puts every operator in this form:         #memory_mode, read, read, operation, write, write
            example: LDA #5       IMM,rSTATE,,,wA    wA=write result to A rSTATE=read memory mode
            example  SXY            IMP, rX,rY,,wY,wX
            example   AND          IMM,rA, rSTATE, cAND, wA    cAND=AND function
-RISC2 core has a built in opcode prefetcher
            #memory_mode  contains the memory mode/address mode of the instruction.
            this determiones the instruction size and rSTATE/wSTATE functions.
            #memory_mode can contain more than one memory mode
               ex: ImmZP so rSTATE1=read IMM   rSTATE2=read ZP
                                     wSTATE1=write IMM wSTATE2=write ZP 
-The SHu Team is still looking for HELP, so please HELP!!!
                                      -pce programmers
                                      -front ends
                                       -MASM/VBDOS/VB WIN/DJGPP ect                     
5/14/2k -The SHu site has a new Url!!!
    It can be reached here:     http://www.shuemu.com
-I'm almost finished my Elexcronics Engineering diploma (aka Electroincs Technology)
  As soon as I have time, I will update the emu/debugger. I will also be updating the
  sheldows os project page (68hc11/16 OS + emu + bus project).
-There will be a new emulator out soon, but this time it will not be for a video game console.
  The new emualtor will emulate the 68Hc11 & 68Hc16, and be based on the new RISC2 core.
  The site can be found here: http://sheldowsos.homestead.com
-It was my birthday on May 1st (happy birthday to me)
-I will fix & update this site soon
-expect a new release of the shu emu/debugger soon (I'm sorry for not updating it yet!)!
5/22/2k -Just a general site update!
-Worked on shuemu.com, and made the following links:
                 http://www.shuemu.com                (main site)
                 http://mirror1.shuemu.com             (mirror)
                 http://mirror2.shuemu.com             (mirror)
                 http://mymirror.shuemu.com           (mirror on my computer)
-If you goto http://www.shuemu.com the above links can be found in the drop down bar on the namezero frame
-Please email me if the namezero bar is bugging you, I know a hack to remove it!
                   <script language="JavaScript">
                   <!-- Begin
                   if (window != top) top.location.href = location.href;
                   // End -->
-The above java script is a frame buster. It makes your frame/page be the active one, thus eliminating the other frames
-Today I fixed most of the mirror sites, and added a mirror site on my server. My server is:
  And the SHu site is: http://sheldows.nightspice.com/shu (note: this site is only up when I'm on the internet)
5/24/2k -Hu99 for the Hu6280 will soon be released. Hu99 is a frontend to the Hu6280 dos emulator.
-The basic RISC2 core for the new version of SHu is almost complete!
6/5/2k -Finished school finally
-Got my school PIC of myself, its here
-I will be goiung to europe for a month (on june 20th), be back befour august
-My dad is getting married on the 17th of june
-Updated website, got rid of shuemu.com entrance, and stupid gava script that disabled back button.
-NameZero Sucks (banner is to big)
-I will try to release some programs in a few days befour i go to europe!
6/20/2k -I'm going to Europe.
-I will land in Dusseldorf, Germany,,,and further my travels to other countries.
-I will be back on the 14th.
7/14/2k -Just got back from Europe TODAY!!!!
-I visited: Germany, Denmark, Austria, Itialy, Croatia, Slovenija
-I will be updating the site soon as it is friday, and it is the beginning of the weekend! (time is on my hands)
8/13/2k -Installed win2000 on my computer and it deleted frontpage, so I finally got a copy of frontpage 98, and I can now edit my websitews, Yah!!!!!
-So expect updates comming up.
-To those wondering how to get the namezero banner off a namezero site, look at my site and quit bugging me. I am   shure yoiu can find the doccumentation on my website.
-http://www.EleXtroByte.com has now been launched. EleXtroBytre Computers Inc sells computers, this company is owned by smInc Filmation http://smInc.homstead.com.
-Well thats it for news, ill update the website & stuff soon as im finished my labs for school (all 10 of them) and off     school for 1 month!!!!
-smInc FILMATION and me, have now decided to code an new os for the upcomming amd k8 (sledgehammer) x86-64. The project will feature a os, compilor, MECM, and a emu based on the RISC2 and CISC2  cores for developers. We decided that MSCM is the perfect language and os for the hammer, since the cpu is 64bit, it should handle the bandwidth constraints MSCM imposes on the hammer, thus running faster than on x86-IA-32. MECM is based on a  DYNAMIC core, allowing code to be smart, enabling AI or NeroNets on your PC. MECM integrates these two ideas of virtual intelligence. http://smInc.homestead.com for more details

I'm not responsable for you using this hack.
The truth is, the namezero banner uses a similar hack, to remove all banners
that preceded it.
The technique is to maximize the current frame (the browser frame your
website is in) and set it active, only showing it in the browser.
This, of course requires java script.

use the following code.
But be forewarned, if namezero catches you using this code, you may loose
your domain name, or other sever penalties.
Put this just befour the <body> html tag in your html file.

<script language="JavaScript">
                   <!-- Begin
                   if (window != top) top.location.href = location.href;
                   // End -->
8/18/2k -MECM versin 4.8B within a few days (MECM interpreter and compiler)
Im just working on the MECM helpfile, its half done
The MECM project will be open source
An IDE should be made for DOS / SHELDOWS soon (if time)
A MECM decompiler is underconstruction (It compiles MEB files, decompiles MECM files to MEB files)
MECM is a 128bit DYNAMIC programming language and OS, with ports for different OS.
The aim of MECM, is to provide powerfull code that is able to run under different OS
In a way, this is like JAVA
-The SHu  emu/debugger will be next on my list after MECM 4.8b is released as parts on the emu might rely on     MECM code for the plugins and the programable interface.
-I will update more news on these topics later, as I have to get back to my work!
8/20/2k -MECM version 4.8b will be released later today.
-If the help file is finished or not, the MECM binary file is ready, so there will be a release, even if a limited help file.is available.
-this release will include the MECM emulator, a compiler, a MECM decompiler(MEB format), and some library files(MEL)
-support librarys: dos.mel, bios.mel, mouse.mel, himem.mel, mscdex.mel, xms.mel, cd.mel, error.mel, mec.mel, grafx.mel, math.mel, and other various mel files.
-For this release, the majority for the MEL files will be included into MEC.MEL.
-MEC.MEL will include a MECM command prompt/interpriter.
-I NEED SUGESTIONS on ways I should clean up this site, design this site to make it less tedious to the eye, and easier for the average user to figure out, If any sugestions, don't hesitate and email me.

-!!!!!!!!!!!The release has been delayed until tomorrow night!!!!!!Due to, I start college tomorrow.(DAMN)
-!!!!I'll clean up the NEWS section of this website tomorrow, there is just to much on this website page.!!!
9/25/2k -Found a bug in MECM, so fixing it. MECM 4.8c-49 will be released soon.
-The help file for MECM is almost 100% done.
-MECM will soon have PCE support to make PCE games, but first I got to get the compilor and the MECM EMU
  to work properly befour I can make it make PCE games.
-On the PCE console, MECM will be the OS and will be formed with SHELDOW'S OS (for microcontrollers), this   will make programming the PCE easy and more object oriented like C++ and Visual Basic(forms and windows).
MECM for PCE will be a dynamic high level object oriented real time OS/programming language with advanced      math engine and functions. It will easy adopt ASM code for PCE from other compilors.
-SHu Emu PCE emulator should be resumed after MECM has been released..
10/2/2k -MECM emu/compilor has been completed and will be release this weekend.
-MECM library and programs are now being made.
-MECM help is 100% complete for only the glossary of commands. Working on usage of commands and programming in MECM/theory.
11/28/2k Is the SHu project dear or alive?
Will an newer version ever be released?
And what about MECM?
Or the MECM PCE compiler?
Will the hideous website ever be cleaned up?

Well, you will soon find out when the holidays hit or sooner!!

-=*Programmers and HELP NEEDED*=-

New mirror site: (actually my computer if on the internet)
Mirror sites for SHu:
These sites always get updated first, as its my computer if on the internet. If I'm not on the internet, these links will redirect to http://sheldows.homestead.com .
2/9/2k1 -Links on this website was updated (they were invalid)
-Currently working on a new version of SCALC. It does symbolic manipulation, derivatives, laplace, integrals.
  goto sheldows download to download old version if interested.
- http://sheldows.homestead.com or http://members.xoom.com/sheldowsos ->download page to download scalc.zip
-My sheldows@tapaz.net email is not working, so smInc007@hotmail.com is the one to use.
- SharkTooth@nirvanafan.com is now working (email account was half full, but too full to receive messages)
- I decided to write the next core for SHu in asm/masm for speed increases. This will be the cisc core and will include a jump table for instructions to speed up emulation and avoid long case/switch statements.
- SHu programming should be resumed soon.
3/3/2k1 -Please do not spam my email address!!!!!!!!
Attention: Email pay@hardlivevideo.com pay@hardlivevideo.com
                  Email: support@horro.com support@horro.com
  They send out nasty emails that use a JAVA script to open up 50 IE windows
  Lucky for me, I have an anti-pop-up script running, so I didn't get infected.
  The java script loads up a list of porno/lolita sites *yuck* and each of them loads up sites so their is no solution except:
  1) push the windows button on keyboard.
  2) load up internet explorer from the taskbar or outlook express.
  3) selects >File>work offline or just disconnect from internet
  6) purge temporary/offline internet files and cache
  4) now close each explorer window one by one
  5) purge temporary internet files and cookies (this disable reload of sites) again if needed
  6) delete infected emails (they cant load shit since there is no cached html files and you are offline)
And now, please spam these losers or hack there site!!
-Fixing download site at XOOM/NBCI since they disabled auto-listing of directories&files with no index/default.html. Site should be back up in a few days.
-Fixed more dead links. Please email me if you find more dead links, thanks!
3/19/2k1 -General site update
-No new news for today
-Site is still under construction, expect a new look soon.
5/20/2k1 -General site update
-SCalc v2.0 will be released soon, v1.0 can be found here . This new revision will be based on MECM, not just the 128bit MECM math core. This will allow the software scientific to be very powerful, allowing advanced math and scalability. Documentation and presentation stuff   will be up in a few days in PDF format. (This was my final project for this year in College)
-College is finished, I'm happy and I will be working at CBC for my work experience. YAY! After this, I can resume work on the SHu emulator and work on SCalc.
7/1/2k1 -NameZero is canning the SHUEMU.COM site in a few weeks, and they want $25us to renew it.
I think I will get the domain name from another site, as I am sick and tired of namezeros banner and the lack of domain forwarding. They only offer http frame, to mimic forwarding.
-Please note that www.shuemu.com will be down during this period, and may not be back up at all..
-Please use shu.emuunlim.com , as  http://shu.emuunlim.com is the official main site to use.
-All emails regarding this site or regarding the emulator should be sent to pce4shu@emuunlim.com
7/7/2k1 -=News for today=-
*Homestead will be charging for its service, so all my websites will be down after September 30th
     *They will allow for one website with 3html pages for free, but I think that is NASTY!!
*I heard Xoom/NBCI will not be offering webspace in a few weeks, but not sure if that's true.
     *Hahaha, another one of my websites down the drain
-=Good News=-
*A front-end for Hu6280 will be released by next Friday, as I'm board, so I will get it dune finally!!!!
    *Supports all of Hu6280's options
   *Gui made in VBDOS
    *Future versions made in VB for windows
    *Supports zipped roms
    *Supports savestate&backup ram management for each game
    *Future support for rom identification, for now use a rom renaming utility
    *Future support for rom info, for now its has bogus info contained in it.
    *Rom manager, helps sort and select favorite roms to play!!
    * note: the Front-end is finished already, but a few finishing touches are needed to be added
*I will host different versions of Hu6280 on this website, with the required files for game controller support etc.
7/12/2k1 - www.SHUEMU.com will expire on the 31st of july. So, please update bookmarks to point at http://shu.emuunlim.com .
- My homestead websites will expire on July 31st too, but may be functional up to 30th of September. Instead, these websites will be redesigned and located on another server.
- Once again, please use pce4shu@emuunlim.com to get a hold of me, as it will be the only email the will work.
7/22/2k1 - New Website dedicated to Hu6280 emulator and other PCE emulators
- At the new site, the new frontend for Hu6280 can be downloaded, as well as other utilities for it.
- Hu6280 Frontend will be posted on the site, but it is not functional, as it is up only for criticism on its gui and appearance
- note: New Website is under construction, so may not be up, but will be in a few days
7/31/2k1 - Well, when the clock hits twelve, www.shuemu.com will deace to exist, as well as www.sheldows.com .
- I think NameZero sucks. They offer you a free domain name sponsored by adds for one year, after which, they change there policy and offer no free domains, and slap everyone with a renewal fee. I did a whois check on these domain names, and guess who Owens them?- NameZero does. And when the term expires, NameZero takes over the domain name, trying to sell it for profit. Imagine, they give away domain names for people to build a name for it, so there is a market for the domain name since its been around. The is not good. I am sure there must be laws against this. Once ZameZero yanks the domain name, no-one can register it with other registers. They are a domainname registrar, and cybersquatter in one. You know the sick thing? If the domain name gets bought through NameZero, they stick you with Frames, yes, no cname, or IP forwarding, MX, MXE. And the only way to get these features, is to transfer to another registrar, which costs money, so double will end up being pair just between NameZero and an other registrar. So, is it worth it? Hell NO!!
- Site updates and clean-ups comming soon.
- Hu6280 frontend to be released, well the gui only (for only for display purposes), need some feedback on the look.
8/12/2k1 - Well the domain names from NameZero are down now and I decided to not renew them, as they want trice the amount of money that they wanted before.
- Xoom/NBCI website cannot be updated at all as of July 26th. So, I'm backing up my website. They should be discontinuing all websites hosted soon.
- EleXtroByte Computers website will be up soon.
- a new host for 'sheldows ' and 'shu' mirrors sites are needed, for the mean time, the old ones may work, but new ones should be found soon.
9/13/2k1 - Well, what a sad week. Every one should donate to the Red Cross.
  http://www.amazon.com/paypage/PKAXFNQH7EKCX <Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund>
- Site updates coming up soon. Sorry for not updating lately, summer has been busy.
- SHuEmu is nearing 20,000 hits on http://shu.emuunlim.com
- www.shuemu.com has expired, same with www.sheldows.com
- www.elextrobyte.com is up and running, and soon to be hosted at my friends house.
- www.azfucker.com is expiring on the 25th, and will not be renewed.
10/20/2k1 - SHu Development is being continued again
- I got Connectix VirtualPC to work on my Win2k comp, so I can continue to work on the dos port of SHu.
- I am currently trying to FIX the INKEY$ slowdown problem with SHu. The old method of speeding up SHu was to hold down a key such as: 'shift'. This is because the key function waits a few milliseconds for key input, so this function is going to be replaced with IRQ/INT function. This is great new for the users getting soar fingers from hittin' that button.
- A new release is expected to be within a few months.
- My other sites are still down, sorry about the inconvenience, it should be fixed soon.
- Shu Emu has a new FAVICON, it can be viewed here