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This website is the Official website for the new pce/tg16 emulator called SHu!

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About SHu (HuC6280 pce/tg16 emulator) 

SHu is an emulator that emulates the tg16/pce at blazing speeds.
It is fully functional and 100% compatible with the tg16/pce.

SHu initially started as a PORT of Hu-Go! in VB, but has greatly evolved over the past few months (just like hu-go!)
It now has ports of its own, in MASM, VB, DJGPP, MECM, and XVB

It features a RISC like core, that greatly reduces the size of the emulator, while giving the emulator
a big jolt of speed.

It also features various drivers, to help it perform the best with your computer.
drivers like: VMM drivers
                   sound drivers
                   core drivers
                   cd drivers

Although SHu is a new pce/tg16 emulator, soon it will be known for its advanced features.
SHu at the moment is only available in the debugger version, the actual emulator is soon to be released.
The emulators current source code version 2.328, the debugger is version 1.72 and the emulator is version 99.07a

NEWS (click here for latest news) (click here for news archive)

12/19/99 -Christmas time is here, and now since I'm off from UNIVERSITY, I can start programming
  SHu in 100% puse MASM (for DOS real mode, and DOS32). First, I have to get over
  this wicked Hang-over from the big party from last night.

  finally got a hold of DonSal inc. which sells TurboGrafx software/hardware in Canada

  • To view the Turbo Grafx Price list in DOC form, click this
  • To view the Turbo Grafx Price list in HTML form, click this
  • To view the Turbo Grafx Price list in TXT form, click this
1/3/2K -SHu debugger/emu release ver 99.07a-2.328_1.72
                             -video is almost fully emulated
                             -faster & smaller
                             -better debug console
                             -see readme files:README_S README_D (for more info)
             -SHu sources release ver 99.07a-2.328
             -The Zeograd (Made Hu-Go!) may help the SHu team to get the emu video & irqs 100% working.
             -In the future, when the RISC2 & CISC2 MASM cpu core is finished, it may be used in Hu-Go! as an
              alternative cpu core.
             -The SHu team is still looking for others to join the team, see section "Help Needed"
3/3/2k -Starting to work on RISC2 core for the new SHu emulator & debugger ver 2.4(sources) 1.72(debugger)
                             -made cpu defs ini core file.
                             -making compiler to compile ini core file to asm & vb.
                             -when RISC2 core is finished, it will replace RISC core in SHu, but IO routines will still
                               be the same.
-Starting to draw up some ideas on how to make an HLE emulator. (converts PCE to ASM them
  compiles to EXE, IO routines such as video are a seprate task,ect)
3/6/2k -The HuC6280 INF file is almost finished. This INF file is vital to the production of the
new RISC2 core.  Since this INF file contains all the specs about this cpu, it will make it
possible to enhance the cpu, make  programming languages for the cpu, debuggers,
decompilers, compilers, better emulators, HLE emulators, ect. The next step the
SHu Team has to worry about, is to make the INF compiler to auto-generate the
new RISC2 core in VB& MASM. Later the compiler can be used with an INF file
to make cpu cores for other cpus to help emulators.
example: programming the INF file to match the SNES cpu spec, when compiled,
it will yield a  SNES
RISC2 cpu core entirely in MASM. FASTER & SMALL THAN BEFORE!!
3/25/2k -The INF file for the HuC6280 cpu is near completion!
  Need to optimize file a little bit more to enable ultra fast cpu core.
  The INF compiler has been started.
  If work with new core progresses, SHu will soon be coded in MASM for DOS32!
  Soon the SHu emulator will include an MECM core, allowing custom GUIs and handling for the
  The SHu team will try to get this new core working, befour fixing the SHu emulator -for the old core
  has an bug that henders irqs io and proper cpu execution. So next update will be with new core! 
  There will be four versions of the new cpu code:
  • RISC2 core (MASM)
  • RISC2 core (VB)
  • Ultra SISC2 core (MASM)
  • Ultra SISC2 core (VB)

   Benefits of new core:

  • ability to modify INF to optimize core
  • ability to add new features to cpu (ex CD support)
  • ultra fast & ultra small
  • 100% error free!
  • better than old VB RISC:core
4/23/2k -the RISC2 core has been made -NOW only implementing basic functions (add/,nc,dec,ect)
-the core uses string constants & soon will use number constants
-the core will be added to the emu/debugger latest next week!!
-the following is an example of the RISC2 core!
        -it puts every operator in this form:         #memory_mode, read, read, operation, write, write
            example: LDA #5       IMM,rSTATE,,,wA    wA=write result to A rSTATE=read memory mode
            example  SXY            IMP, rX,rY,,wY,wX
            example   AND          IMM,rA, rSTATE, cAND, wA    cAND=AND function
-RISC2 core has a built in opcode prefetcher
            #memory_mode  contains the memory mode/address mode of the instruction.
            this determiones the instruction size and rSTATE/wSTATE functions.
            #memory_mode can contain more than one memory mode
               ex: ImmZP so rSTATE1=read IMM   rSTATE2=read ZP
                                     wSTATE1=write IMM wSTATE2=write ZP 
-The SHu Team is still looking for HELP, so please HELP!!!
                                      -pce programmers
                                      -front ends
                                       -MASM/VBDOS/VB WIN/DJGPP ect        
7/7/2k1 -=News for today=-
*Homestead will be charging for its service, so all my websites will be down after September 30th
     *They will allow for one website with 3html pages for free, but I think that is NASTY!!
*I heard Xoom/NBCI will not be offering webspace in a few weeks, but not sure if that's true.
     *Hahaha, another one of my websites down the drain
-=Good News=-
*A front-end for Hu6280 will be released by next Friday, as I'm board, so I will get it dune finally!!!!
    *Supports all of Hu6280's options
   *Gui made in VBDOS
    *Future versions made in VB for windows
    *Supports zipped roms
    *Supports savestate&backup ram management for each game
    *Future support for rom identification, for now use a rom renaming utility
    *Future support for rom info, for now its has bogus info contained in it.
    *Rom manager, helps sort and select favorite roms to play!!
    * note: the Front-end is finished already, but a few finishing touches are needed to be added
*I will host different versions of Hu6280 on this website, with the required files for game controller support etc.
7/22/2k1 - New Website dedicated to Hu6280 emulator and other PCE emulators
- At the new site, the new frontend for Hu6280 can be downloaded, as well as other utilities for it.
- Hu6280 Frontend will be posted on the site, but it is not functional, as it is up only for criticism on its gui and appearance
- note: New Website is under construction, so may not be up, but will be in a few days
10/20/2k1 - SHu Development is being continued again
- I got Connectix VirtualPC to work on my Win2k comp, so I can continue to work on the dos port of SHu.
- I am currently trying to FIX the INKEY$ slowdown problem with SHu. The old method of speeding up SHu was to hold down a key such as: 'shift'. This is because the key function waits a few milliseconds for key input, so this function is going to be replaced with IRQ/INT function. This is great new for the users getting soar fingers from hittin' that button.
- A new release is expected to be within a few months.
- My other sites are still down, sorry about the inconvenience, it should be fixed soon.
- Shu Emu has a new FAVICON, it can be viewed here

1/6/2k2 - Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
- Working on a new compression technique to include with SHu, to compress .PCE and .ISO and WAVE.
- I will start College again in a week, so development may slow down, then again it may get better as I may brain storm ideas in class when I'm very bored.
- the NEW PCE/TG16 site is almost complete, all archives of all emulators for PCE are being uploaded.
- If any questions, please feel free to drop us a line or joint us on the Emuunlim forums.
- All of the sheldows/SHu Emu mirrors are offline, so is my server until further notice. A few sites should be back online soon.
1/21/2k2 - SHELDOWS websites are being restored. (not all of them though)
- new urls are: , working yet) and the one on my web server.
- If sites don't work properly, just remember they are backups of the sites located at homestead.
- These sites may be down while they are being worked on (under construction).
- By the end of this week, all shall be restored, and by the end of the month, all shall work properly.
1/30/2k2 - SHELDOWS website mirror is now working.
- Note: SHELDOWS websites don't work 100% as they are just copies of the old site located at homestead.
- Working on the mirror websites for the  SHu Emu contend, should be done in a few days.
3/14/2k2 - Fixing the sheldows download page as it links to as this should be
- Taking the link to the sheldows mirror at as it has been canceled (either that, or they moved it to a different location (my member Id is still valid).
- Starting a New project for the PalmOS. My first project will be a scientific calculator that is able to due derivatives and other advanced math. My other projects may include a MECM port and a SHu port for the PalmOS, so stay tuned. If I am successful, then I will attempt to make a NES/Gamboy emulator for the PC and PalmOs.
- New Port of MECM and SHu for windows. This will be encoded in Visual Basic for windows, and should be in testing stages during summer. Coding for these emulators are starting in a few weeks.
- I am learning DirectX DirectDraw and Direct3d, so hopefully sprite animation will be sped up in the windows ports for both MECM and SHu.
- SCalc is being ported to Visual Basic for windows while a New Version of SCalc for sheldows/dos should be out soon. The new version incorporates MECM to allow more dynamic functionality adding programming features for user defined functions, it also adds support for integration and simplification of equations, so stay tuned.
-Project map:

Releases for Next month include: SCalc(dos/sheldows), MECM(dos), SHu(dos).
Releases a few months:  SCalc(windows), MECM(windows), SHu(windows), SCalc v1(palmOS)
Releases closer to end of summer: SCalc v2(PalmOs), MECM v1(PalmOs), SHu v1(PalmOS)
Releases closer to end of year: SCalc v3(PalmOs), MECM v3, SHu v2(PalmOs)
note: for PalmOS, the higher the version number, the closer to the desktop version it resembles
Releases that may come: SHu ported to ASM or C++, MECM ported to ASM C++
Future releases if I feel like it: NES/gameboy emulator, MECM (x86-64bit for Hammer)

These projects may be reality if I start them, if so, they will be released or start to be released at the projected time. (Call this wish-full thinking, I need to get my butt in gear)

12/1/2k2 - Production is going very slow
- I finally have access to high speed ADSL internet access, so I run a webserver(private)
- New Webserver is up (mirror) accessible by
- Mirrors are being set-up on new website
- domain name now exists and is currently an alias for
- The new Mirrors should be up in a week, so i will post the URLs later
- Shu Emu website passed the 50 000 visitor barrier 1 month ago (Thanks for your support)
4/17/2k3 - There is a new method to contact me see contact info. This is to reduce spam.
- domain is now working. Soon it will be hosting other websites too.
- or or is the mirror on my server., and is the aliases for my server.
-Expect a site update soon. It needs it badly.
6/17/2k3 - There is now an Online Contact Form to contact me with any questions you may have
   note: The new form will work most of the time, but depends if my server is on.
- Sorry no website updates for a long time, but soon.
- My email is now being spam filtered, so hopefully I can reply to your email. I usually get 160 spam messages a week. When you email me, make sure that "To: ShuEmu Team is in the subject line. This will help me figure out if the email is spam or not. If you do this I'am sure to notice your email. I am trying to encourage to fix there email server . They have an open relay problem, and no spam filtering. Did you know that their IP is blacklisted. So if I try to send you guys email, it may be blocked or my email will be treated as spam.
- Now for the good news. MECM will be ported to Visual Basic over the Summer. This new version will interface with the CGI gateway on the IIS server and apache. So, now the scripts and programs written for the MECM emulator will be able to interface the web, creating dynamic web content. hmmm, this sound very interesting. If your a MECM programmer, you will soon see the potential.
- MECM will soon be used to debug pce games and provide basic emulation. So, the potential would be an online pce dubugger, compiler and de-compiler etc.
- You know now that PCE games are now scarce. Original Hucards are hard to obtain. But what about an idea of a PCE -> ISO compiler? imagine all the demo roms would be converted so you can play them on CD-ROM. As one of my projects, I will be working on this. Sounds like a Good Idea?
- I am sorry that I did not fix the website yet, but I will try it this summer when I have time.
7/20/2k3 - Do you need your turbo duo or turbo grafx 16 to be mod'ed to be able to play japanese Hu-cards?
I will have a page up in a few weeks so people can send in there system to get mod for $50 + shipping.
The circuit that I have designed will enable the user to select between us/japanese hu-cards. Also, there is a fail safe so you can't accidentally change the hu-card type in the middle of a game. This mod will be compatible with the "ten no koe" (memory card) and the "Arcade card"!!!!! Since everything is internal, there is no need for a converter card which costs $100+, and there is less ware and tear on the system and games. And most of all, there is less hassle. No more going to your buddies house to play street fighter 2 and then noticing that you forgot the converter. haha. in the future I will have some interesting projects, like a project for creating your own hu-card that is programmable from the PC/USB. haha kick ass. Another interesting project of mine is a pc-engine/tg16 (turbo duo) system clone. It should feature a 52x cd, of coarse it's using emulation, but does it really matter? It will still be able to play hu-cards and cds, but much faster. This project will come after my emulator is finished. It will probably use a VIA 1GHz combo :(, but will be fast enough to emulate everything correctly, and very quiet. I will need to work on the hu-card reader. (the hu-card socket is hard to get, but I will take them out of old broken tg16 machines) :p. If any questions just email me or use the contact form page. (see CONTACT) thanks.
- Oh Ya, expect a huge site update next week (if I have time). This page needs major clean up. But if you like this website the way it is, just contact me and I will keep it the way it is. (joke)
2/16/2k8 Since PCE / TG16 sites are becoming more scarce, I have decided to try to collect as much information and utilities and post all that on my website and on my mirror site. I will also be looking for older websites to mirror on my server as a lot of those websites are located on free servers and they get deleted after a while. Some changes are needed before the tg16/PCE becomes a dying community. If you have any ideas please contact me.

Some interesting news. A new toy has been found for the tg16/PCE, this is a flash cart. I may get the chance to review the unit in the coming future. This will be great for die hard fans and for homebrew. Now if they could only make one of these units that can support the Arcade card for the DUO (extra ram needed) that that would be awesome. Imagine being able to run custom programs on the pce that can access the cdrom. Maybe have a hacked system card v3 providing bios functions to your program, then modified system cards with bug fixes would be possible or extensions. Anyways the forum for the card can be found here. It can be loaded for tg16 or pce systems (the tg16 data is invested on the flash cart)

For those with problems running CDr games on the original turbo DUO / PC engine you can use this website here to verify the TOC values of the DATA and AUDIO tracks of Super CD-ROM2 and CD-ROM2 games. This website has proved itself very useful over time as I had to fix many images including ones from bad copies and ones from ISO+MP3 images where the tracks don't line up. Mp3s seem to be unstable, as when the mp3 is converted back to RAW/WAVE the file length may be a few bytes longer then the original am working on a program that is aware of this and truncates the WAVE files on extraction to make the BIN/CUE image for burning games.
2/29/2k8  Well it finally arrived. The product that will make an absolute difference to my pce/tg16 experience. How? Well lets say its better to play real games on real systems and not just emulators to get a total effect. How can I do this? Well there is a flash cart device out there that has 128MB of flash memory on it and has the ability to load up to 63 games. I even heard playing street fighter 2 on it is possible. How well does it work? Well expect a full review soon with pictures, videos. I will test in on my tg16, turbo duo, and turbo express. I think testing it on my turbo express will be cool. So what is the name of this great product and where can I find it? Well you will find out in my full review. check back often. And if you really can't wait, contact me or email me for details. Expect a hint in the next day or so.

-=update=- The mystery device seems to work great. So far I have tested it with street fighter 2, cadash, wonder boy, columns, system card 3, Jacky Chan action kung fu. All games tested great. System card 3 worked (as I tested it on a DUO) and it was able to boot a cd game. Its funny because my system is a Turbo DUO but the system card 3 I used said PC-ENGINE. The reason I put system card 3 on the device is so I can avoid removing the flash card when I wanted to play cd games. Hmm if I try sys card 2.0 or 1.0 I can unlock certain features of some cd games... For those of you that are wondering the flash card has it own loader to select games from. If u want to change games just push the reset button on the flash cart and the menu comes back up. I tested it on my turbo express too and it works great. unfortunately my turbo express left audio is failing :( and the speaker isn't loud. (what gives my turbo express is brand new). Driver software was a pain to load. I did not get it to work on vista. And on windows 2000 I had trouble but finally got it to work. Software is easy to use. Anyways this is just a summary of my first use of the device. I will do more testing before I post a full review. For those who need more info contact me.
3/2/2k8 Testing has gone good on the Flash Cart. So far I have tested 20+ games on it. I was thinking, imagine if a Flash cart was made with 2MB extra ram like the Arcard Card. You could then just run the Arcade bios on the Flash cart and everything would be rocking and rolling. And also homebrew would be able to access that ram too. I wonder if its possible to have a 20Mb rom image + 2MB ram access. (or is the RAM mapped where the rom was? I forgot its been a long time). Anyways enough ranting on. I will have a little goodie up for people to see. I bet no one can guess what it will be. It will be shocking like if NEC and Nintendo get married or it will seem like they were. Can you guess? Wait and see.-=update=-.....ok here is the goodie.

Turbo Express playing Super Mario Bros. using the Flash Cart... more in review soon. (I am still testing)
The sound on my Turbo Express is still dead :(

Help Needed
The SHu team needs help collecting PCE/TG16 docs on hardware related stuff.

The SHu team is currently looking for programmers to help with the SHu emulator and other people to help with the docs. Currently, we are looking to expand the capability of SHu by adding advanced features such as: CD support, GUI, cheating.

Other input would be appreciated too.


If you are interested in helping the SHu team or want to join the SHu team, please contact us.
If emailing use make sure SHu Emu appears in the subject line so I know its not spam. thanks.
           at:  E-mail:


To download other programs, please use these link:  (under construction)




LINKS:  (This section is getting worked on)



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*MECM emulator (working on it)
*Hu99 front-end for the Hu6280 emulator (working on it)
*SHu99 & SHu2000
             -cd/iso/scd support
*SHu coded in DJGPP
*SHu PCE/TG16 debugger
*SHu ASM C++ language
              -using basm and xbasm
              -REAL MODE ASM
*SHu built with XVB (Enhanced Vidual Basic, by smInc Filmation)
*SHu built in MECM (Machine Emulator Code Module, 128bit-256bit)
*SHu with more driver and loadable custom drivers


alias:    SharkTooth
Forum: Emuunlim forums>SHu Emu
Form:   Online Contact form


The website will be updated again soon!
updated: 2/29/2k8 3:04pm (Friday) PST

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